Arbitration | Mediation | Facilitation

With over twenty years in private practice as a civil litigator, advanced degrees and training in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), an international background, and a blend of pragmatism, empathy, and intelligent curiosity, Jo brings a unique toolbox to work when she is asked to facilitate the resolution of disputes outside of traditional, adversarial court processes. She ensures the parties feel heard and respected throughout the process by engaging highly effective communication skills and a keen brand of emotional intelligence. A creative thinker with the ability to identify potential solutions to complex issues, Jo takes advantage of her experience to ensure flexibility such that her approach can be adapted based on the unique needs and circumstances of each dispute. Indeed, she refers to herself as the bespoke resolver. Jo also embodies cultural competency – understanding and respecting the cultural backgrounds, values, and perspectives of the parties to facilitate a fair and respectful resolution process at all times. The consummate professional, Jo remains neutral and impartial, maintains the confidentiality of the parties and the process, and values her ability to foster the parties’ trust with her strong sense of ethics, integrity, and commitment to best practices. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), Jo engages in a reflective practice, continually evaluating her technique, procedures, and skills. To that end, she engages in an ongoing pursuit of opportunities for learning and growth in order to stay current with industry standards and in tune with technological innovations.